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In today’s magazine, we want to introduce Jennifer Zimmerman or, as you might know her, Home of Blossom. This woman we love from Munich who lives with her family in the countryside of Bavaria (Germany), shows you the love for nature, family and passion for interior design.

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How’s your relationship with your kids? What’s your daily routine with them?

"Like my husband, I have a very close bond with each of our children. Whereby every single relationship feels different. My oldest daughter has the same spirit for beautiful things and sense of aesthetics as I do. My boy is wild, but distributes a lot of love and talks openly about his feelings. I enjoy it when compliments are made to me. And our smallest sunshine probably has the leading position (haha) and classically takes the role of the nestling.

Our bond is very strong. And it's still hard for us when we are separated from each other. Part of our daily routines is that we are out in nature a lot. We are very fortunate that my husband can manage his time by being self-employed. We always try to enjoy all meals together and with a lot of peace as families. In the evening there is always a reading session. No matter how stressful the day may be, this always gives us a calm and balanced ending".

When did you become interested in interior design?

"Interior design has always been a passion of mine. Even as a little girl, I had very specific ideas about how my dream house will look. The development of my style goes along with my personal development.

I love things with history and my interior style was gradually replaced by fast moving objects to special and timeless things. For me decorating or designing a room is a very effortless and meditative work. For some time now I have been very lucky to photograph for some great interior brands. An entry, which was unthinkable for me a few years ago".

How does inspiration come when you are working?

"I am a very visual person. I can get lost in even the smallest things and enjoy the awareness of the beauty that surrounds us in the world. When a picture or scenery is created, I usually have it in mind beforehand. It's not about following a script, but that the circumstances already bring a certain aesthetic with them" 

How would you describe The New Society?

"The New Society stood out clearly even before we started working together. It's one of those brands that knows how to create fashion that always works and doesn't chase after fast-moving styles while being very special".

Have you got any future new projects?

"An idea that has been growing in me for a long time is to realize projects with people and brands that, in addition to the digital world, bring us together again and enrich us. A kind of exchange of creativity and life design... The plans are already taking shape…" 

And last but not least, what do you think about social media and Instagram?

"For me, Instagram is the medium that has allowed me to reinvent myself professionally. Nevertheless, I see it as a stopover, a door for other goals. For me, a good picture or good content still has a higher value, like the fast pace that has arisen through reels and always running after the latest tools. My personal goal is to stay true to my style aesthetics."

 Discover more about @home_of_blossom on her instagram account