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She is Natalia Swarz @nataliaswarz author of Hotel WeekEnd. Here she shares beautiful places around the world and made a community of special travellers who enjoy the journey itself. Natalia was born & raised in Cali, Colombia and now is living in Madrid. She loves discover the world with respect, responsible and conscious way. We loved her values and we know you discover more of her... 


  Where do you think your "artistic passion" comes from? We imagine there will be special people who have greatly influenced to you, what led you to become an artist?

My mother was an artist and designer, I grew up painting with her and accompanying her to make all her creations, going to look for fabrics, dressmakers... She and my grandmother who is the most inspiring person I know. She works with flowers and has been a decorator for over 60 years, she has the most incredible ideas and is unstoppable. I owe my creative passion to them both. 
Can you tell us something interesting about yourself? What do you think is your strength? And your weakness?

My strength is my determination, my weakness is impatience


   What drove and inspired you to take on the challenge of write and build the Hotel Weekend community?

I was looking for a space for people who liked to travel in a different way, a community with similar passions for travel, hotels, interior design and discovering new cultures and places. At the time, almost 8 years ago, there was nothing like what I dreamed of, so I decided to launch it myself.



You say your dream is have a hotel in Portugal, is this your favorite place?

For some reason in Portugal I feel like I am where I belong.

Speaking of places, what is “the space” where you feel like you become a more creative person?
 In the countryside or near the sea. Surrounded by nature and without rush. With family or inspiring friends. My friends move me a lot, it's been a while since I've taken a trip with just friends but it's one of my favorite spaces to recharge with good energy, creativity and inspiration



  In reference to fashion, as a designer and creative consultant, from your experience, what do you think are the best values ​​that we should try to transmit in our sector?

Respect, honesty, transparency, consistency… but also have fun because that's what fashion is for! Be free and express yourself




Is there any special project in the future…? Maybe it's still a secret but we have to ask... Will there be more Hotel Weekend?

Yeah! Since I had my daughter I'm slower with everything, but there's a big project coming up that will give birth to a more mature part of HW
Thank you very much for sharing a bit about yourself your work and your values.
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