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E-meet Erica Allen-Kim, architectural historian and urban design, professor at the University of Toronto and passionate about fashion. Erica @ahistoryfarchitecture has more than 100k on her IG profile. Here is where she shows her personal and unmistakable style. Ususally she uses in her outfits originals colours, patterns and ovesized fits. Erica always thinks about collaborated with brands that garments have been produced sustainably, so we love her profile and her values. Woud you like to discover more about Erica? Let´s go! 




Could you say that sustainable clothing represents part of your style?
For me, sustainability is personal, social and environmental. Something could be ecologically or economically sustainable for a business, but if it isn’t something that I will wear again and again, I really don’t need it in my closet.  
 Is there any connection between your actually work & dressing? Are you looking for some particulary in clothes to wear?
- I am lucky that I work in a creative field where self-expression through clothing is valued. Day to day, I look for clothing that I can wear biking to the office and changing layers depending on the temperature. I like to add at least one interesting layer or accessory no matter how simple the rest of my outfit



As a teacher, what values do you most line to transmit to your students?
- The most important thing for me is that my students develop confidence in their own voice and convictions. But it isn’t enough to believe in yourself, you must also have the tools and resources for supporting your ideas with work, whether it’s an essay or a drawing. And that’s what I see as the main purpose of education. 





What elements are indispensables to get inspired for your social work?
- I have degrees in art and architectural history, and having that foundational knowledge in the arts helps me see connections between fashion, culture, and economics. I also try to leave the house as much as possible. A morning run or walk on a different route is a chance to explore a neighborhood and see new things. 
Is there any connection between architectural and dressing? 
 -  I think there are a lot of similarities—clothing and buildings shelter and protect our bodies. They are functional yet can be wildly impractical at times. We also need to think in terms of layers in architecture and the ways that a structure can affect the exterior cladding. For example, I try to wear comfortable base layers that support my outer layers but also look beautiful on their own. 





To finish, can you tell us 3 personal things? A favorite place in Toronto, An essential item in your winter wardrobe & personal quality or yours. 
-My favorite place in Toronto is Tommy Thompson Park. It is a bird migration habit partially constructed from reclaimed construction waste material. 
 My most essential winter wardrobe item are my merino wool leggings and hiker socks. I wear a lot of dresses, and this helps keep me warm on on long walks. 
I try to meet people where they are, whether it’s a student or someone upset with me. It’s a daily practice to remind myself that each of us are on our own journeys. 




 Thank you very much for sharing a bit about yourself your work and your values.
Discover his profile @ahistoryfarchitecture 
* The photos displayed here belong to Erica Kim