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What inspires you in your work? Who are your references?
A lot of things usually inspire me from a film, a picture, my son…My references are different, classics photographers or contemporary ones, stylists, designers or magazines!. I usually go to the catwalks to see the last news in fashion. Cinema for me is always a reference. My island is another point of my inspiration, the mediterranean, our sky… In resume beauty inspires me and it could be something simple as a day at beach with my family or a big cinema production. I’m looking always everything, I love to have a lot of inputs to make running my mind.

What is it that you like the most when you work with children?
I love the naturality they have. I think this is the most different point than working with adults. For me the creativity you do with children always run…I can play more with them! I try that my children work be similar as an adult one but with a point of innocence, creativity and naturality.

Your work allows you to travel a lot, how are you living this covid time?
Well.. Covid time is difficult for all of us. In my case, I am still travelling because I live in an island so I can’t stop travelling. This point allows me to have certain normality. The only difference is that I’m not travelling abroad, right now, but I hope to do it early again. Covid time has allowed me discover my little model, my son! We did an editorial with him at home, it was a very funny experience!

Your experience working for this TNS Editorial.
It has been a pleasure for me. I’m working with Annah, my partner, and the experience has been very positive. Estefania has done very easy and comfortable all the process and she has let us liberty this time to create this story and I think this is the most positive. When you work with someone who trusts in you… everything is easy.

Let’s play!

Describe yourself in one sentence, quickly!
I am a self confident person.

First word that comes to mind!

What do you want the most right now?!

Your favorite movie?!
buff impossible to choose only one!

A song that you like to dance to!
Buaaah…I love 80’s music and the 90’s disco’s music.

When did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

More or less with 19 years old… a friend of mine was a nature photographer, not profesional, and I though I never had been contact with photography…And in that moment I thought I could study at school .When I discovered the magic of photography was something unique…Later I went to the University and after that I began to work on TV . I was focusing working on tv around 7 years and after that I decided to turn to fashion photography!! And in that moment I began to discover fashion industry and now here I am. I’m a very inquisitive person and fashion industry let me to be free in this way, for this reason I left TV!!

Has motherhood changed the way you see the world? Do you enjoy photographing your baby?
Motherhood changes all of you. For me It’s being a big transformation and a big learning… I never thought it was so strong. I think I’m the same person but much better now. My baby is the best of my world!! and of course I enjoy to take pictures of him but it’s not easy! he has a lot of caracter! It’s always as a big training!

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