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These days at home with two small children, cooking is one of the activities that we enjoy the most. Cakes and sponge cakes are our specialty. I tend to buy everything organic and as healthy as possible. After one month isolated at home, weekends have become the official cooking days and I recalled Ester and her blog “Puré de palabras” (Word purée), in order to try new things. Her baked sugar-free cheesecake is the big hit of the season.

When did you start cooking?

“I’ve been cooking since I was little. Some weekend afternoons I used to sneak into the kitchen and ask my mother to give me confectionery recipes. As the years went by, I began to cook more, especially when I started to live alone, but I realised that what I liked the most was cooking for others. Having dinners at home, cooking new dishes for my partner, surprising my family… I’d even been cooking for my workmates for a while! Most days I used to carry food for all of us and we ate the same thing together, like a big family.

Why did you create a blog?

“When I lived in Barcelona, I needed to find something to disconnect from work and break my routine. I discovered that cooking gave me that feeling. I used to play some music, pour myself a glass of wine and start improvising. When I was done, I would send the photo of the dish to my WhatsApp groups and run into the living room to show my partner my new creations (sometimes it was just a simple salad, but I enjoyed sharing it). It was my partner who told me, “if you like sharing your recipes that much, why don’t you start a blog?” At first, I didn’t dare to post recipes and, let alone, a picture on social media. I was too embarrassed! However, little by little I started to loosen up and look at me now… I can’t stop posting recipes every day! “

What is your food philosophy or what do you want to convey?

“I believe that food is part of everybody’s life and, according to how you value it, it defines you. The day is much better when you´re able to sit at lunch time to really enjoy a dish; however, sometimes the week forces us to eat a sandwich in front of our computer because we haven´t got time to cook anything. And it’s better to end your day with a delicious dinner, but every now and then when we arrive home the last thing we want to do is to spend an hour in the kitchen. From “Puré de Palabras” (Word purée), I try to show people that cooking is fun, healthy and quick. Of course, baking your own bread takes time, but chicken with coconut and peanuts, homemade pasta or baked fish are easy and quick recipes that will turn an hour in the kitchen into an hour of disconnection with a tasty reward. “

Define your cooking style in three words.

It’s easy, tasty and fun.

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Baked Cheesecake with no sugar easy to do with kids.