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In today’s magazine, we are pleased to present Nina Davidson, French photographer, and her three children, Ada, Colette and Nicole. 

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Have you always wanted to be a mum? How do you feel about motherhood?

“Yes, I have always wanted to be a mum. I had a very physically demanding childhood leaving home really young to pursue a dancing career. I knew it wasn’t a given and always hoped it would be possible. Motherhood has really redefined me into someone I have always wanted to be.”

 How’s life with three girls? Would you like to have boys too?

“Love it! They are very different from one another. The gender of our kids weren’t even a subject. We didn’t wish for one or the other and we kept it a surprise each time. Now it is a family joke as my brother is having his third boy in the next few months.”

Do you consider photography as a hobby and lifestyle or as a job?

“Definitely a lifestyle before anything else. I don’t go anywhere without my camera. It really helps me focus on the good things. In today's era, when everything can be so stressful, taking time to look back and seeing beautiful tiny moments of calm, peace, beauty helps me focus on what is actually important.”


Where do you find the inspiration to take your pictures? What locations do you look for when you do your shootings?

“Everywhere, all the time. I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of Scotland between loch, wood and hills. It’s not hard to find beautiful light and surroundings.”



We like collaborating with people whose vibes match our brand. What do you like about The New Society? What  inspires you?

“Since I have 3 children, I find it important to choose durability in a garment as they will be passed on. Also timeless neutral style is what I prefer. It is also important for me to use natural fibers that are manufactured ethically. The New Society hits all the spots!”

Do you have any new projects in mind?

“Yes it is still a secret but I will be able to say more soon.”

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