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Today is a special day for Spain. Every year, on the first Sunday of May, we celebrate Mother’s day. That is why we want to introduce the next woman we love in our magazine: Isabel Delaghne.

Isabel has been with her husband for 20 years and together they have 3 kids.  Jules, 11 years old; Jeanne, almost 9; and their little cherry on the cake, Desiree, who is just 2.

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At first, she wanted 3 boys, ending by having an amazing boy and two wonderful girls. She thinks it would have been easier for her and she would have had less drama at home. However, she is aware about having girls keep her and her husband on their toes. She wouldn’t change a thing!

But motherhood is not her only job. The way she keeps in touch with the world outside her family bubble is at high school. She also works as a teenagers’ teacher. 

Inspiration comes to her when she travels, preferably with family and friends. She enjoys discovering new places as she is well surrounded. Family and friends mean the world to her and she finds peace when she spends time with them, a way to keep her head sane.

Another of her passions is pottery. She can spend hours behind the turning wheel, getting her hands dirty and focusing on the clay. It is a way of clearing her head in order to feel better, like if it were a therapy.


 In her words, chaos is her middle name. Nothing to do with the work she does as a ceramist, one of her favourite hobbies, where she does the opposite of that.

She likes to keep things simple and clean, have things well organized and transmit a sense of delicacy. 


How does she deal with all of this? That would be a question to ask to a supermum like her. “It is all about making choices”. She made the right ones and that is why she is where she is today, living and loving life.