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After the excitement of the first days of sales, now it's time for our new summer 23 collection to come out. we have been working on it for so long, and we can proudly say that we love it! we hope you love it as much as we do!

Keep reading to learn more about SS23 collection!

 The new SS23 summer collection is inspired by the beauty of summer, the good vibes it gives off. It is a time to bloom, feel beautiful and happy, accompanied by good weather and the opportunity to make plans outdoors breathing the refreshing air that summer brings. In short, it is a time to reinvent yourself, relax but also set new goals, breathe fresh air and appreciate the good moments that summer brings us. 

This collection is an ode to all our best summer memories, with their colours and sensations. The sun, the heat, the meals with friends, the happiness it gives us when we remember those moments that make them infinite.

This collection is full of summer prints, vitality and colour. So that the ones who wear them can decorate with their beauty these garments designed especially for you. Following our sustainability values, we have managed to design ideal garments for this season, with which you will feel fresh, beautiful and eager to make the most of any moment of the day.

 Based on the sustainability and traceability that we always look for in our garments, this collection is 100% made in Spain and Portugal, with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, perfect for the summer.

STAY TUNED because the best is yet to come... DROP 2 WILL BE REALEASED IN FEBRUARY! Don't miss it!

  Find out which are some of the favourite prints for this summer: