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Last Tuesday we launched a new Vintage Jeans Collection in our website. Today, we want to show you the inspiration of this collection in Estefanía Grandío's words, founder and creative director of The New Society.

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I am particularly happy about this launch. It is our first vintage drop! What it means is that there are still more to come!

I’ve spent years touring the world’s vintage stores and markets. Some of them like Les Puces in Paris. For me it's entertainment, just like someone might go to a museum or to the park… It's a wonderful feeling. I feel inspired by what vintage stores offer: a special type of love story.

It might be that mixture of stories that each different garment brings…. It's hard to describe the feeling when you find an item that inspires a print, a pocket, a shape or a fabric; it’s a special type of joy like finding a perfectly fitting piece in a puzzle which, in this case, is the process of creating a collection. So, after so many years, this form of entertainment has become one of the principal tools of my trade.

When I traveled to Los Angeles in March 2022 in search of inspiration, I visited the Rose Bowl. Once I arrived, I just wanted to stay and live there forever. I was struck by the consciousness about vintage, how people buy almost more vintage than new clothes. What is more, I discovered shops, more like concept stores, that also had a part of them only dedicated to vintage. 

This inspired me to add vintage to our website alongside our own collections. First of all, to show one of my personal passions and also because this is how our collections are born.


In The New Society we are working to go beyond sustainability and we really believe in second hand, as much as we believe in vintage and timeless clothes. In addition, our repurposed and upcycling collections give a second life to the items already produced, which for us is worth, at least, as much as a new sustainable fabric. 

So here is our first vintage drop, and we are already working on more. I hope you love these six jeans as I do love vintage in all shapes. 

Discover the collection in our website and don't forget to follow us in our social media channels!


Photography: Mireia Farran // @mireia_farran