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We had been looking forward to getting to know Claudia better. For that reason, and with these photos set in the Halloween theme that is soon approaching, we can get to know Claudia and her vision of life in a more personal and closer way.

So keep reading!

 Which is your life motto? 

Always put creativity in your life. I have learned that imagining and creating brings you back to childhood. When you are an adult, you can also continue playing and there are many ways to do it. Everyone has to find their own way: you can make music, draw, design, photograph...

What is in the future for olivialclauca? 

Continue enjoying life and the opportunities it offers me. I don't want anything in particular, I let myself go, what is clear to me is that I want it to make me happy.

Which advice would you tell your younger self? 

Never stop dreaming, everything is possible. 

How do you achieve balance in your life? 

I try my best to find time to do the things I like (spending leisure time with my daughters and my partner, doing sports and photography). That takes time away from doing other things and it is true that I end up tired but it makes me very happy and it's worth it.

You have already fulfilled several dreams: live in Paris, have a family…what is left? 

I want to travel a lot with family and friends. This year I have several trips planned, I am especially looking forward to the trip to Cuba with friends for our 40th birthday. I also want to continue learning photography, take courses and learn how to develop analog photography. Professionally, I have many projects in mind, everything will come, no rush. 

As a photographer, what would you say to those who say that you enjoy the moment much more without photographing it? Do you think it´s important to keep those memories? 

I think the best thing is to live and enjoy the moment but I always carry a camera around my neck. I can't stop taking pictures. My eyes see photos every day, not only of my family, but also on the street. I can't resist photographing the beauty of everyday life and then it will be memories, everything is positive.

What would you change about society? 

There is a lack of empathy. If we put ourselves in other people's shoes more often, we would be better people. It is very important that children learn to be empathetic from a young age.

Is your life as you imagined it?  

No, life always has surprises in store for you. Some are good and some are bad, the important thing is to know how to adapt and continue enjoying life because it is a gift.