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Olesya Rulin, who has recently been mother for the first time, reaffirms the importance of a good education from an early age where values such as sustainability and environmental awareness are essential. In this interview, she wanted to tell us how since childhood she has acquired these values that today she has turned into her lifestyle.

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 First of all, congratulations on your motherhood. It's been a short time, but did you expect it to be like this when you became a mother? 

There are many ways in which you can be a “ mother” It’s a role I’ve played in multiple ways throughout my life. It’s how you treat your friends, your loved ones, even the house plant. Becoming a mother to my daughter has been a pure joy. It’s an incredible responsibility and I don’t take it lightly.

Has your day-to-day life changed completely now that you are a mother or do you try to maintain what you did when you were not? 

The elusive work life balance is something I’m still figuring out. Some days I’m incredible at my job and I feel like an absent mother and visa versa. I’m only 3 months into parenthood and I hope I’ll find my own version on balance with time. Or at least learn to laugh at the madness of it all more.

When you have a bad day, what makes you feel better? 

Walking in nature and a great cup of matcha tea. A quick chat with a friend or a snuggle session with my dog. 

Regarding your personal life, we have seen that you are a pescetarian (semi-vegetarian), has this habit been instilled in you by your family or has it been a decision made by you over time?

In terms of diet I focus on what makes me feel good and has a lower chance of harming the planet. I grew up in a small village in what was at the time the USSR. My parents grew/ hunted for our food and we had chickens and a cow for dairy. Being conscious of what I consume is something that was instilled in me at childhood and I hope I pass down to my own daughter. Today, I pay attention to what makes me feel good and knowing how the animal was treated and how its life is impacting the planet (the downside of the beef/meat industry) is part of that.

We have seen that you collaborate with ecological brands that promote sustainable consumption, how important is sustainability and environmental awareness for you?

Sustainability is one of the main passions in my life and has been for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the woods and literally living with the grace of nature and her seasons taught me to respect and honor our Earth. Helping guide others to a more “ clean” lifestyle is second nature and I love learning and discovering brands that are in alignment with my ethos. It’s far easier now than it was 20 years ago to find like minded souls on this journey and I’m grateful for that.

Before buying a piece of clothing, do you check if that brand follows the so-called ethical/sustainable fashion term?

Absolutely. There is a lot of “ green washing “ and now it’s trendy to be green which is a double edged sword. Part of me is grateful at least something is being done with larger companies like Zara with their Committed Collection etc but it’s still fast fashion. I lean towards timeless pieces which can live in my closet season after season and still feel current. I believe that there is an art in doing your best when it comes to fashion and sustainability. There are brands like Eileen Fisher that have pioneered sustainable fashion for decades and new ones like Christy Dawn. It all depends on your budget and mindset. Less is more and quality vs quantity is the goal. I’m an ideal world I would love to see us saving up for a piece that we cherish vs buying a fast fashion options. Again, I understand it’s not in everyone’s budget and that’s a different conversation since the road to sustainability has to be rooted in education and being accessible to the masses.


You can check Olesya´s work in her instagram profile: @olesyarulin