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Finds her fulfillment by the sea, embracing the sun rays, the beach, and the freedom in the company of her family. In this interview, Sophia Illich shares with us her perspective on life, cherishing every minute doing what she loves alongside her family.

Keep reading to get to know Sophia better.

Sophia, first of all, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

- I am a young wife and mama with a passion for the slow and simple moments in life. I have a two year old son, Milan Wolf and 3 week old daughter, Cora June that I spend my days with.. My joy and purpose is found in loving my family. We do everything together: surf, skate, cook, catch sunsets. My husband and I really want to immerse our children in a life of adventure :) I also work from home as a content creator and brand photographer


How did you get started with social media, and what drove you to photograph and share your life with your audience?

-My husband and I traveled around the world to model for wedding and elopement workshops. From there, my social media following began by documenting my husband and I's life together. Once we added babies to the mix, I saw that people really liked following along as we navigated children and marriage as a young couple.. My goal is to keep it authentic, while also sharing how beautiful life can really be.


When it comes to creating content, where do you find your inspiration?

-I find beauty and joy in the little, simple moments of my days.. The tropical flowers that grace our neighborhood, the way the sun reflects off the ocean as I take a dip, watching my son point out the colors of the sunrise; I like to create content revolving around what I typically am always doing.. Life can be so vibrant and warm if you choose to look at it that way!

Your eldest son, Wolf, is one of the protagonists in your photos. How did you begin including him in your pictures? We know that spending time with family is important, and having them close while you work is something unique and special.

-I get the privilege to work from home as a creator and photographer which is so important to me as a full-time mother. Since my son really is the main character in my life (before our new baby daughter arrived), his presence on my social media happened quite naturally and because of it, we get to work with really incredible childrens brands.. However, it's even more important to me to keep work and family as balanced as possible.. Children are like physically forms of time slipping through your fingers.. you never want to miss a moment! I set aside little parts of my days to work, so I can be present and off technology while in front of my children.


Motherhood has both positive and negative aspects, but it is also wonderful. Could you tell us what motherhood means to you, and what advice you would give to your younger self about motherhood and life in general?

-My journey through motherhood has taught me so much, not only about myself, but about the purpose and meaning to my life. Being a mother and homemaker has given me so much joy and abundance that could never be matched elsewhere.. Motherhood means creating the best & most authentic version of yourself because our children truly are mirrors. It is such a selfless act that requires lots of patience, grace and unconditional love. Finding this also takes a lot of faith; to be the mother and woman I want to be, I have to stay wholehearted in my faith. 

I'd tell my younger self to never stop seeking the life you love, never stop searching for light, never stop being kind to the world. When you live with an abundant heart, you'll find a life overflowing in sweetness


What are five things that truly make you happy?

-My husband and the way he loves our kids 2. My babies 3. Salty skin after an ocean dip. 4. The way the sun peaks through our home in the morning 5. Making pasta with my littles

When collaborating with different brands, what aspects are most important to you, and what do you look for in collaborations?

-I am very passionate about collaborating and working with brands that are truly meaningful to me, my family and the Earth.. My main goal is to inspire my community to support brands that carry sustainably made goods or uphold ethical practices.. When you see the next generation sitting at your dining table, you really become aware of what is hurting our planet and the small but important choices you can make for the future we leave for our children.


When you discovered The New Society, what message did it convey to you, and what surprised you the most?

-The New Society quickly became an inspirational brand to me. I admired the timeless pieces that clearly could be worn for years to come through all our adventures! I also adored the mission of the brand in terms of ethics and sustainability.. I'd say the quality of each garment was way higher than my expectations! Each piece feels like butter and has become our favorite everyday staple.. Milan has been wearing the same New Society tee for 3 days straight hehe ! 

Thank you very much for sharing a bit about yourself and your family in this incredible interview.

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