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Has its work, but beyond that, it's about love and passion. Today, Gabriela Salord tells us how she and Nuria came up with Rowse, and how they worked together to make their passion and dream come true.

 She also tells us about her life and her environment. She tells us how she combines her work with her family and her daughter, and the balance between her personal and professional life.

After your training and career in marketing, what made you discover your passion for plants? How did you manage to turn that passion into a business like Rowse?

 -  At home, we’ve always had a strong interest in plants and their benefits. My mom is Mexican, I’ve seen her using oils like Rosehip and Avocado since I can remember. She also used to treat us with homeopathy and natural alternatives when we were sick and even now, if she sees me taking an aspirin, she will always recommend having a cup of white willow bark tea instead (ask the girls at the office!). So, I guess it was only natural to think that if I were ever to create a beauty business, it would have plants at its very core. 


One of the key aspects to achieve your goals is to maintain a solid structure and a culture of community and good atmosphere. What are the necessary aspects to make your day-to-day work in the office productive and efficient with your team?

 -  Nuria (my cofounder) and I are based in different cities, she leads the creative team in Barcelona and I’m in charge of the business and operations from Madrid. It was a challenge from day 1 to ensure that both teams shared a common vision for the project, but I think we’ve managed well. We travel a lot between the 2 cities and have weekly meetings to share goals and updates. Mostly, we have found a wonderful team of plant lovers and strong believers of our mission (to reconnect people to the planet) and that’s what makes the difference. We’re all headed the same direction. 



Pia often accompanies you to the office, how has it been to balance work while having such a young daughter, achieving a healthy balance between your personal and professional life?

-  Pia was born right before the pandemic. I can only describe that first year of her life as an emotional tsunami. We were stuck at home with a newborn, her dad and I working so much – me, closing our first fundraising. At that time the team was Nuria and I with the help of Laura (who became our first employee) and my sister Daniela. Lamia (our product director) was working on the new formulas from her kitchen! With the funds we got our 2 offices in Barcelona and Madrid, hired the first members of the team, and started developing new products and growing the brand. It was such a relief to leave the house and go to an actual office. But I was afraid to be separated from Pia, who had never left my side during the whole process. I was the first one in the team to become a mother, so I took on the liberty to invent a new way to make it all work. Pia came a lot to the office with her nanny, she came everywhere really, meetings, trips… That allowed me to feel less ‘guilty’ about having to work so much and to continue breastfeeding her for a total of 16 proud months. Nuria and Lamia have also become moms since then. Together, it’s our challenge to find a balance. It’s not easy every day but we support each other with kindness and utmost respect.  


Sustainability is something that should be instilled and taught from a very early age. How have you explained to Pia its meaning, importance or the positive impact that Rowse and similar companies have on the environment? And for you, what is the role and meaning of sustainability?

- For me, sustainability revolves around promoting responsible practices to meet the needs of the current generations without compromising the ability of future generations (Pia’s grandkids) to meet their own needs. It requires a holistic approach, collaborative efforts from individuals and companies and long-term thinking to find innovative solutions to achieve a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. And yes, it should be installed from a very young age. With Pia, we continuously explain that her actions, as little as they are, always have consequences. At 3, she knows it’s better to buy in bulk, avoiding plastic containers, to eat only seasonal fruits and veggies (she loves tomatoes, so it’s been hard to say no during the whole winter, but we managed it!), to recycle, to turn off the lights and not waste water when brushing her teeth. We encourage her to explore nature, spend time outdoor, garden… (she’s planted so many seeds on the terrace I can’t recall!).


We know that when you can, you get away and travel with your family, where you enjoy every moment with them. If you had the chance to travel to your ideal destination, where would you go and why? Also, what items from The New Society and Rowse products would you pack in your suitcase for your trip? Why?

 - I’m in love with the Spanish Mediterranean coast. An ideal family holiday is us 3 on a pristine beach, eating fresh fish, wandering around local markets and charming villages. I’m currently writing from Casa Nereta, a boutique hotel in Cadaques that I highly recommend for those in the need of unwinding in a peaceful surrounding. James, the owner, is delightful. 

I have packed our favorite outfits from The New Society: Aldra Dress and Roberta Tunic for me and for Pia the Limoncello dress and Albertina shorts and matching hat (she won’t take it off). And from ROWSE: the new All Day Serum (launching mid-May), Mineral Sunscreen, Super Volume Shampoo Bar and Summer Body Oil.


Thank you very much, Gabriela, for this brief but wonderful interview, where you have let us know a little more about yourself and Rowse.

You can find out more about Rowse at @rowsebeauty