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Today, in commemoration of Mother's Day in Spain, we are pleased to introduce you to the founder, designer, and creative director of The New Society, Estefanía Grandío, along with her children Valentina and Mateo. This day is an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy with our mothers and children, and therefore, we want to share a little more about the inspiring figure of Estefanía.


She is a hardworking, perfectionist, dreamer, and romantic person, who dedicates herself to directing The New Society while raising her two children. Despite her ambition, she maintains a realistic focus on her work, which translates into enormous demand and constant satisfaction. This combination has allowed her to find a balance between her personal and business life.

Estefanía's passion for fashion began 15 years ago when she worked in renowned companies such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Oysho, where she learned to deal with speed, improvisation, and the importance of perseverance to achieve her goals. She also had the opportunity to work in luxury companies such as Hugo Boss, which allowed her to have a slower and more reflective pace. These experiences have led her to apply what she learned, both in the positive and in the lessons learned from important things that should not be done, in her own company.

When she created The New Society, Estefanía had in mind the importance of establishing sustainable and true relationships with her team, suppliers, and customers. In addition, from the beginning, she wanted her company to be committed to sustainability and environmental care. The line of products for children and babies was born from her own experience as a mother and user, seeing that there was a lack of options in the market that responded to her needs. For this reason, she decided to offer perfect garments, designed and made with the care and love that her children deserved, and for this, she sought the best materials and manufacturing processes. The line of products for women, on the other hand, came as a result of the natural evolution of the brand, seeing that there was a high demand in this segment.

Being a mother and an entrepreneur are roles that are important in themselves, and together, they can be chaotic and challenging. However, Estefanía has learned many valuable lessons about herself, and has managed to effectively combine both roles. The most important thing for her has been to take advantage of every minute with her children, who are the reason for her life.


From The New Society, we want to congratulate all the hardworking mothers who make our lives wonderful.