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Thanks to her early modeling jobs, Nuria has traveled the world, collecting passport stamps in more than XX countries. But it was in the moments of rest when she Nuria discovered her true vocation: photography. Armed with her 35mm camera, Nuria explores nature in its purest forms, from the Martian craters of Lanzarote in her native Spain to the moss-plagued lava fields of Iceland and the lush forests of Sri Lanka.

Today, Nuria is an artist and creative director whose photography inspires a community (@frecklersnur) of nearly 300K followers. Every photographer has a muse and for Nuria, it is nature. Her love for nature has not only manifested itself in a short film about the ban on plastics, but in the creation of ROWSE, a skincare line that reflects her fascination and respect for the planet.



Tell us… how did you start in the world of fashion?
I started traveling and working as a model when I was 17 years old, so I got to discover the world of fashion very soon. Even though I was working as a model, I discover my passion for photography during my first trips. I started taking pictures of my travels which was something really important to me to balance between being on a place very far from my family and all the experiences I been able to experience.
What inspires you in your work as a photographer?
Nature is something that inspires me the most. I love raw landscapes, plants, sunsets… I just have no words to describe my feeling when I get involved by the power of nature.
You are a person with a very defined lifestyle, closely linked to nature, vegan since the age of 15 ... What do you do in your day to day to improve in this aspect?
I always had a very strong character and very clear ideas regarding sustainability, food and the lifestyle I wanted to have, so I guess it was something I had inside since I was a child. We can do things better and I’m really open to keep learning and inspiring other people to find the way to do it.
Aside from being photographer and model, you have also created your own business, Rowse Beauty (we love it!), a beauty brand that respects the planet and human...
Yes, what a challenge! I started ROWSE almost 3 years ago to give back nature everything that I leant from it. It’s being a lot of work but I’m really happy with the project.


This is the first season that we launched a women's collection on TNS and we have chosen you as brand image. Do you feel identified with our brand?
I love the brand, I love the image, philosophy and of course the clothes! I’m very happy to be part of the campaign! I specially love a camel dress I took with me to Lanzarote!


To finish, I propose you a game! You have to respond quickly, the first thing that comes to mind.

 Describe yourself in one sentence - Very curious and energetic person.

In front of or behind the camera - I love both, but I’m feeling very comfortable behind of the camera.

The best day of your life - I love being surrounded by my family, so any day I can spend time with them, especially my nieces!

A trip - Iceland

A song - Heaven,  the blaze