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Claudia Cabrero is a Spanish visual storyteller whose passion for photography appeared when her first daughter was still a baby.

Since then, being behind the camera has been her everyday exercise. She narrates her daughters’ childhood through photographs and social media.

Her work is coated by a magic and nostalgic layer that cannot pass unnoticed before a mother’s eyes.     

Claudia’s father played an important role in her hobby choices. She was influenced by his analogue photography of the times. Now, even in the digital era, she keeps looking for a timeless professional look in her pictures. She uses analogue cameras as well as she is into editing her creations using sentimental and special effects.

Fashion has been another of her passions since she was younger than now. Claudia’s grandmother worked as a modist and she designed wonderful creations.

That might be one of the reasons why she prefers looking for original, beautiful and good quality clothes, maybe not for everyone.

   The New Society’s clothes have been in her sight since she met the brand. It has become one of her favourite Spanish brands due to the timeless elegance and delicate prints.

She gets inspired by them, feeling a sense of “pure poetry”, perfect for her art.   

Follow her on her Instagram account to know more! @olivalclauca