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 Meet María Radchenko, wife and Ukrainian photographer, based in Barcelona and mother of three kids, she captures wedding and family moments, as well as portraits. For this time, she also captured the essence of our new fall-winter collection “It’s written in the stars”.

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How long have you been living in Spain?

"My family and I came to Spain five months ago and settled down near the city of Barcelona. We came from Ukraine, where a terrible war is currently going on. We lived there for one and a half months during the war. After that, we drove across Europe for eight days, with two children and meanwhile I was eight months pregnant. That’s why our youngest daughter, Sarah, was born here, in Spain." 

How has your situation/mind changed after living through the war?

"When explosions rang out outside our window on February 24th and we had to pack our lives into two suitcases. We took some necessary things like a computer, a camera for work, and an envelope with Polaroid pictures of our family. That's how we learned what is really valuable: we are alive, we are together, we trust our faith and that is all that matters. Everything else can be done in small steps."

Can you tell us about your work?

"My husband and I photograph family stories and weddings, and I enjoy this opportunity to see and capture happy moments. Now we continue to shoot here and save happy moments for people in photos." 

Did you previously know about the brand?

"We were familiar with The New Society back in Ukraine. Living in Spain has been a great opportunity to take photos for the brand, we are glad to have participated.

What I really like about the brand is not only the charming clothes, but also the name "The new society". I believe that we have a great task in our hands: to raise a new generation through love, that our children have the strength to be themselves, that they learn not to harm others, to enjoy the life they have and to create beautiful things and good deeds." 

 You can see the work of the Radchenko family on their Instagram accounts and website: