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"I love to travel and for many years I had the project / dream of one day building a villa in one of the countries I was visiting, the only condition... near the sea."
This way begins the story of Ferrán, the creator and owner of Kanferri Villa, a dream come true. Are you staying to discover it?
"In January 2014 I decided to visit Sri Lanka, it was still a "little known" destination compared to some of the other Southeast Asian countries and that was what made me choose that destination.

Among its attractions, it has ancient cities such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, temples excavated in mountains such as those of Dambulla, the ancient city of Sigiriya, the picturesque train journey through the highlands watching Tamil women collecting tea, natural parks with elephants, waterfalls, whale watching excursions and of course, beach... lots of beaches where you can surf, kite surf, snorkel, dive etc...
After touring the island, I went down to the south coast to rest and spend a few days at the beach before returning to Barcelona. It was there where I met a guy while he was surfing (or trying). He explained to me that he was working in a villa that some french guys had bought and they were hosting travelers who were visiting the island. It was then that my concern awakened and I saw the possibility of making my project come true. The next day I was before a notary signing a right to purchase the land that I had gone to visit just a couple of hours before!!!"
"When I arrived in Barcelona at the end of January 2014, with the help of Marc, an architect friend, we began to draw the first sketches of Kanferri. It was in May of the same year when Marc and I returned to the island to shape those sketches on the ground.

In December 2014 we started with the first foundations of Kanferri, and a bottle of arrak (local liquor made from coconut) helped speed up the license ;-)

After a lot of effort, perseverance and many trips from Barcelona to Sri Lanka, I got to open kanferri at the beginning of 2016."
"The idea of ​​Kanferri is to make you feel at home, hence the name Kanferri, a play on words that means Ferran's house in Catalan (Ferri is how my friends affectionately call me).

Kanferri is located in a quiet neighborhood where life runs smooooothly, without nerves or stress, away from the hustle and bustle of the main road, with Lake Koggala just a few meters away.

Here, the day starts very early... around 6 in the morning, when the sun has just risen and it is not so hot. At that time, both the locals and some guests take the opportunity to do physical activities (especially surfing and yoga and later rest or spend time reading between bathing in the pool, going to the beach, visiting the walled city of Galle or eat a rice and curry in one of the local restaurants.
At sunset, it is more than recommended to go around Koggala Lake in my friend Madura's boat until sunset. Likewise, every afternoon from 5 to 6 P.M, the prayers of the monks of the Buddhist temple that is located 100 meters from Kanferri are heard.

Once the sun goes down, the activity focuses on the houses where the locals begin to prepare dinner and not too late, the silence surround everything, hearing only the sounds of birds, crickets and other jungle animals that continue with their lives during the night, while the guests share their experiences in Kanferri"

And so it dawns again in Kanferri!!

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