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The long-awaited day has arrived!
The much-anticipated launch of "drop 2," where on February 20th, we presented the new SS24 women's collection, along with the second part of our collection for children and babies. We had worked for weeks to prepare for this moment. We were thrilled to finally showcase the women's collection, which as we have mentioned on previous occasions, is inspired by Los Angeles. We believe that the SS24 women's collection is one of the best so far from The New Society. We received a great reception that day, and many items sold out within hours!
If you haven't had the chance to see the new collection yet, we invite you to explore it and discover the pieces that will surely become your favorites of the season.  Follow us on Instagram where we share news, updates, and fashion every day.
Definitely, Los Angeles was an incredible source of inspiration for our creative director, Estefanía Grandío.
We love this quote that is part of our campaign image this season:
"A day living in Los Feliz;
There is a hillside in the western part of the world where everything seems to radiate with the color that humans always seek.
Is happiness a color?
Maybe it’s because of the hues of the sky, reflected in every corner,
pink, green, orange and that vibrant blue.
So vivid, so warm.
Maybe it’s due to its balanced temperature in which anyone dreams of living or playing forever.
Playing in Los Feliz. Growing in Los Feliz. Living in Los Feliz."



Following the successful launch of Drop 1, which included the first part of our children and baby collection, it's time to discover the incredible garments that make up the second part of this collection. These special pieces are crafted from sophisticated organic cottons, featuring stunning prints, luxurious details, and dreamy colors. In just a few days, these garments have become true hits.
You can now explore the entire SS24 collection for children and babies on our website!



Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through fashion and inspiration! We hope you enjoy exploring our collections and discovering the latest trends. We bid farewell with gratitude and look forward to seeing you again soon on our website and social media channels.
Until then! Warm regards from The New Society team.