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A short getaway, a short distance from your daily routine to this cozy cabin where the most important thing is to disconnect to connect. A breath of fresh air, a moment to reflect or meditate.  

We love and share Raus life’s concept: spend time with your thoughts in their smart and sustainable cabins, that’s why we fell in love when we discovered it. Do you want to know more about them? Keep reading!

Do you want to know more about them? Keep reading!


How was the project born and why? 

Raus was founded by childhood friends Dr. Christopher Eilers, Johann Ahlers and Julian Trautwein in Berlin in 2021. Having worked and lived in cities for long periods of time, they were looking for ways to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Up to today they still appreciate everything a city has to offer, but they also started to appreciate the countryside more and more with its clean air, vast openness and quiet, undisrupted atmosphere. This is how they came up with the idea to launch a hospitality-­‐tech-­‐start-­‐ up, providing city-­‐dwellers with access to beautiful locations in the great outdoors. With Raus, they want to offer comfortable spaces just a short trip away and seamlessly bookable for whenever people need them – to slow down, unwind, get time for themselves or finish a project close to their heart.

Which is your philosophy? 

At Raus we not only want to bring people close to nature, we want to get them into nature. We believe that getaways can be a great opportunity to be mindful of what matters in life. This is why we want to create opportunities to shift people’s unshared energy, attention and time to untouched places – both, physically and mentally. We always speak of the concept of “spending time well” – this is our core principle. We want to encourage and empower people to take time to do anything or absolutely nothing.


Why is it important to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city?  

Living in a bustling city and enjoying its cultural offerings is unparalleled. City life is exciting but it also comes with a lot of obligations – especially nowadays, as we are living in a 24/7 world, where we are always on and always available. So sometimes we simply need to escape to recharge but also to reconnect with ourselves. In our opinion, this works best in nature, where there aren’t any stimuli but only vast forests and beautiful views. Nature is an antidote for stress.

We are also a sustainable brand and we share the same way of life. Could you give us more information or write a text about your project?  

For us sustainability goes along with social responsibility. We really cherish the energy and relaxation that nature gifts us. This is also the reason why it was important to us to design the cabins sustainably. They are self-­‐sufficient, powered by solar energy, they come with a water tank and a compost toilet. Even inside of the cabin you will find products made of sustainable or recycled materials. We are working with small brands, for example the ceramics in our cabins are handmade in Berlin and fired with 100% green energy. To offer our locations we are partnering with landowners all over Germany, who want to share the bounty of nature. We not only want them to become part of an innovative tourism concept, we also provide them with an additional income which they get from renting out parts of their properties. Additionally, we share their services, businesses and products with our guests – for example if a landowner runs a farm shop or a restaurant.