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In today's magazine we have the pleasure to tell you about ‘Casa Mesquita’, through the collaboration of our Olivia Daisy Blouse and the artist, entrepreneur Clara Infante. 

Read on to find out more!


After spending years in the United States, Clara and her family moved to this unique house in Garraf, Catalonia, an idyllic place in the middle of nature for her children to grow up. 

The Californian design of the house reflects her good memories in Los Angeles, where she met her husband Sohn.

Clara and Toph’s family give you the chance to rent this special place for you to have a slow living break by the Mediterranean coast.




Casa Mesquita, an eco-house, built 15 years ago between the pine trees in a rocky terrain of Garraf. It’s a south orientation and floor to ceiling windows measuring 7 metres tall allow full sun exposure. 

The house is both modern and rustic with its adobe brick and rammed earth walls. 

There are two floors, four rooms and three bathrooms, two separate living rooms, a dining room, and outdoors spaces. This distribution makes it perfect for large families and small groups.



Clara has reflected her slow stamp throughout her journey. We are inspired by her explorations with plant and earth pigments, to create sculptural wax creations.

That's why we considered she is the best fit to present our new Olivia Daisy Blouse Repurposed. 


Our New Project!

In our ongoing commitment to being environmentally friendly, we present our Repurposed Fabrics Collection, an initiative that aims to reuse fabrics from past seasons to create bestsellers from the current collection. 

Olivia Daisy Woman Blouse, SS21’s best seller had a different tonality,  in the production process, than we expected and instead of discarding it, we gave it a second life keeping this small production to create a FW21 capsule.