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We discovered Cecilia in an Art Gallery in the most beautiful street in Madrid and we fell in love with her paintings and began to imagine the entire collection around her work. Enjoy this little interview so you can meet one of our muses for this new season.

 "My work tries to explore an infinite intermediate area where external and internal realities amalgamate. An area that Winnicott saw as a transition space, where an individual can assume the identity of a fictional character, intertwined with his own, without fear, consequences, or retaliation. 

This space, where painting is  a product of an ongoing investigation into the medium itself, and where the nature of an uncontrollable automatism of unconscious elements that swarm indecisively in each thought, is what I use as a means of transition to potentially understand the acts of the painter. I believe that it is up to painters to decide what painting is and will be"

How would you define your painting?

My painting is the result of an ongoing investigation of the medium of painting itself, and the automatism of unconscious elements that swarm indecisively in each thought. I would define it as autonomous and almost mechanic, due to the repetition in the routine of the act of painting. It is also very playful and expressive.

How do you think your art represents you as a person, what is the link between your paintings and your personality?

I believe there is always a link between artist and artwork, but never know how to describe it. I would say that the link lays in the way of confronting a painting, in the act: secure and carefree at the same time; sometimes a bit lazy. With the minimum effort I seek the maximum expression in the painting. Painting for me is also a motor to potentially understand yourself, enhance your way of thinking and comprehend the choices you make.

Now you live between Madrid and Lisbon, what inspires you in each city?

Madrid is my city; I am used to it therefore I tend to take details for granted. I would say that what affects my way of working is the frenetism of the city, everything is so quick. Instead in Lisbon, it is calmer, quieter and new for me. I take more time to look for pattern, composition and colour, which is a very important feature in my work, therefore Lisbon is the perfect city! In general, I take a lot of inspiration from the environment that surrounds me, direct or subconsciously. I have also spent a lot of time in an industrial area in Barreiro, and I take dust and natural pigments from the abandoned factories to use them in my work.

Have you exhibited your paintings in a large number of exhibitions, an interesting project that is yet to come? What are your next goals?

Currently I am working towards an individual exhibition at GÄRNA Art Gallery. My next goals will be to participate at art fairs and take part in more exhibitions and projects where I can challenge my painting. I would also love to produce larger scale works, and extrapolate my paintings into ceramics, patterns for carpets, clothes, etc. I am also renovating my studio, so I cannot wait to have a new space to work in!



 You don't stop doing new things… You are also a co-founder of the Mood Art project, could you explain to us what it is please?

MOOD ART is an online platform dedicated to the diffusion and promotion of art events. It started out of necessity: my friends and I wanted to go to openings, but it was very difficult – we did not know where to look. The information that existed was very disperse and incomplete. Therefore, we wanted to create an easy platform that would be accessible to everyone and that would embrace all artistic events in Madrid; not only gallery openings, but also auctions, openings at museum and artist studios, etc. We want to be the artistic calendar of Madrid. Not only we focus in Madrid, we have just started to do it for Lisbon as well, and our goal is to do other cities like Barcelona or London.

 How was the experience of working with children for TNS?

 I loved it, I have never done something like this before. It was super fun! I think it is very important that children develop their creativity, and it was the perfect environment and ambience for encouraging that. I also take I take fascination by their beautiful minds and their way of thinking. It was very interesting, and I would love to develop this further and do more!  

 To finish ... do you want to play? You just have to say the first word that comes to mind. Here we go!

 An artist: Helen Frankenthaler

A colour: All of them!

A meal: Pasatelli, a type of pasta that my grandmother makes.

A movie: Toy Story.

A moment to remember: My trip to Crete last year, it was unbelievable, landscapes I have never seen before.