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Beautiful Carla Cascales Alimbau is an independent artist living and working in Barcelona. Her work is based on finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all. Know more about her work in this interview and enjoy these beautiful photos with our Angie dress.   


How did you start in this art world?

Since I was a child, I have always been drawing and building little objects. I was born in a modest and hardworking family where we all shared the appreciation for the artistic disciplines. My father is a model maker for architecture. We lived a very hard time in the family when, with the arrival of the digital 3D design and the laser cutting machines, my father had to close his model-maker studio, where everything was made by hand. Due to this experience and also prioritizing a more stable future I decided to study Advertising (Pompeu Fabra University) and later specializing in Design (Elisava University), instead of Arts that was my real dream.

For a few years I felt comfortable working as a designer and illustrator, I learned a lot about image composition, drawing, color combination… but something inside me was telling me I was not true to myself. At 2015, I found myself in a good job position, working inside a famous design corporation. There is where I met Estefanía, she was my boss, now founder of “the new society” I have always admired her creativity and effectiveness in leading a team.

At that time I felt It was the moment to devote myself to what always moved me, so I made a decision: I quit my job and started the path I always wanted to do, ART. With lots of effort and dedication I started to develop my own career as an independent artist. Since then everything began to make sense, I feel at peace even though every day is a new challenge.

At the beginning of 2016 I installed my studio in my father's old workshop, I renewed the space and now it is where I work. I started my series of sculptures with materials like marble or wood that I recovered from old warehouses, I tried to give a second life to these discarded pieces an, at the same time, to learn different techniques of sculpture. I have always loved drawing, once having this larger space I felt like starting a bigger series of paintings on canvas.

    What inspires your artworks?

Nature is my greatest inspiration. My work is a constant search of the essence, the essence of the materials, the forms, the volumes. For me to arrive to the essence means to remove all the unnecessary elements to find the poetry.

You have a very own style. You like to play with textures, materials and neutral colors …

All your works are sustainable, tell us more about the new pigments you are using. My new series of paintings are made with natural rocks smashed into powder, all started with a trip to Etiopia I was completely fascinated by the reddish color of the stones there, I decided to take some rocks home and experiment creating color from the essence of the rocks, the result is like a sandstorm on a linen canvas.   

You have a painting serie very different from the rest of your work. Tell us about Nude.

In the nude series each painting is like a meditation, each stroke consists of connecting with our inner balance, each line arises from the connection with femininity, delicacy and strength. The color palette of this series is based on colors in harmony with the natural environment, specifically the color of the soil, from light sand to terracottas.

You have worked and collaborated with many important companies in the world of fashion, what is it usually requested?

I only work with fashion brands when they give me total freedom to create, as in the latest Ermenegildo Zegna campaign. It is also for me important that the values of the brand resemble the way I work, respecting the planet and investing in timeless garments and high quality and great durability materials.

To finish, I propose you a game! You have to respond quickly, the first thing that comes to mind.

Describe yourself in one sentence: Thankful to be here, loving what I do everyday.

Painting or sculpture? Sculpture

Your favorite moment of the day: Running in the morning, fresh air and movement before going to the studio

A city: New York

A song: Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine


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