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"Art is what you can do with it." Andy Warhol 

There is no better phrase to describe BACBAC, the Contemporary Art Studio formed by Beatriz Bonilla in collaboration with the restorer Cirenia Lamela. Both artists have the passion and ambition to unite two worlds: the geometric and the abstract. An ode to creativity, to experimentation as a raison d'être and creativity in all its forms. 
The pure lines, the minimalist style and the "less is more" intermingle in his works to give voice to that evolution and the constant change in the art world of new materials and techniques. 
Next week, from February 23 to 27, the International Contemporary Art Fair, popularly known as ARCO, will be held in Madrid (Spain). It is one of the main contemporary art fairs on the international circuit and for this reason we wanted to give it its deserved prominence by featuring these two artists for this edition of our blog. 
How was BACBAC born?
From what we've been able to find out, this runs in your family, doesn't it?
BACBAC was born out of the difficulty I had in finding large paintings at reasonable prices for my home. So much so that I ended up designing and making them myself.

Gradually I started to notice it was a widespread problem, many friends had empty walls in their homes waiting to find a painting and of course save until they could pay for it. The options were either gallery paintings or end up with photographs or serigraphs and of course, time passed and their walls were still empty for a few options.

All this happened while I was working in the Financial Department of Quironsalud (previously at Deloitte in Auditing). I realized that I had been doing a job that I neither liked nor fulfilled for years and it was starting to weigh on me. Whenever I thought of the job of my dreams, I always thought of having a workshop where I could paint and experiment all day long, and at that moment I thought why not?

One day talking to Cirenia Lamela, my mother's sister, I told her about my idea and she cheered up. We would make paintings and sculptures at affordable prices where the clients could give their opinion about the measurements, sizes and/or finishes in order to be able to offer them directly the piece they were looking for.


And this is how BACBAC was born, a studio focused on the geometric and abstract and in which "less is more". A studio that stands out for the sobriety of lines and shapes and whose simplicity gives the works a character of its own with architectural influence.

This architectural influence comes mainly from the Lamela family. My grandfather and Cirenia's father, Antonio Lamela, was a well-known architect whose architecture in the 60's was very modern and advanced for his time. He passed on to all his children his love for the arts and painting. We both are very lucky to grow up in an environment where art and aesthetics have always been present. Cirenia is also married to another well-known architect, Rafael de la Hoz.   

  How was BACBAC born?
From what we've been able to find out, this runs in your family, doesn't it

I wish, but the truth is that my beginnings could not have been more distant from art. This is not the case of Cirenia, she studied painting restoration and always had it clear that this was her world. I, on the other hand, studied business at ICADE, worked at Deloitte in Auditing and then in the Financial Department of Quironsalud.

Excel was my life... It took me years before I realized that this life was not fulfilling. I thought that art for me had to be a hobby and not a way of life. Until one day I opened my eyes and realized that what really fulfilled me was painting and designing sculptures and that if you don't pursue your dreams it is difficult to make them come true. I quit my job and since then Cirenia and I devote body and soul to BACBAC.

We also like the synergy between The New Society and BACBAC in terms of the quality of the materials, the care you put into creating a piece of work and every detail...

The truth is that we have many things in common. The search for beauty, emotions, aesthetic awareness, the creation of timeless pieces, simplicity and the desire to always offer the best quality. We both take great care of details and materials. Every detail counts. We, for example, probably frame in the most expensive framer in Madrid and our prices are not high, but we care so much about quality that we are willing to sacrifice margin to have a perfect product. In the end we don't feel comfortable if we don't offer the best of ourselves and I see that this is the same ideal that you have in The New Society.



ARCO is coming soon and who better than you to introduce our readers to this world. We would love to know from you a route as a guide to the fair and some tips.

Yes, ARCO opens its doors on February 23 and I'm especially excited this year since last year's edition was an atypical one due to the pandemic. This year the international galleries are back and also galleries that have been present at ARCO throughout its history have been invited to commemorate its 40th (+1) Anniversary.

International Galleries not to be missed are Thaddaeus Ropac that represents artists such as Antony Gormley, Alex Katz or George Baselitz, the Perrotin Gallery in Paris where I love everything, the Galerie Lelong & Co. that represents for example Jaume Plensa and finally the Simon Lee Gallery in London that represents Donna Huanca who is also in the Travesía Cuatro Gallery (also in ARCO).

Of the National Galleries my favorite stops are Heinrich Echrhardt who also represents Jan Zöller, an artist to keep an eye on because with only 30 years old he is already represented by 3 international galleries and his work is wonderful, Maisterravalbuena, Guillermo de Osma, Casado Santapau, Galería Álvaro Alcázar and The Goma.

Emerging galleries to highlight are the T20 gallery in Murcia and Juan Silió in Santander.

But also with ARCO, Madrid becomes the city of art for a week, buzzing with plans, shows and exhibitions, and everything surrounding ARCO is just as interesting.

ART MADRID (February 23-27) which has 40 national and international contemporary art galleries in which novelties are promised. Special mention to GÄRNA Art Gallery, which comes on strong and attends this event for the first time with artists such as Fernando de Ana, Lars Zech, Lucía Gorostegui and Luis Miguel Rico. During this week GÄRNA will also have in its gallery in Callejón de Jorge Juan the exhibition "Nevermind" by Hayden Rearick (February 12 to March 26) and in Oculto, just at the end of the alley an exhibition of BACBAC, a plan more than recommended...

URVANITY (February 24-27) international fair of new contemporary art where you can find again GÄRNA Art Gallery that carries pieces by Albert Pinya and Rosh333 and other galleries that I have recently discovered and that I follow closely as Granada Gallery or Cerquone Gallery.

JUST MAD (February 24-27) to discover emerging art.

FLECHA (February 3 to March 6) art for all audiences.


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