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This work teaches us how mixing the old with the new is always a good idea. Our garments are timeless, and year after year they always fit the little ones’ outfits. We only need garments with good design and quality, these will give us durability and we will be more sustainable and grateful to our environment.

Jessica Sindenros is the photographer who created this wonderful Coat Edit for The New Society. She works for clients from all around Europe and mainly within fashion for kids and women´s wear. As she says, her work is full of dreams, magic and poetry, she is an expert in capturing the special universe that children have inside.

Do you want to know her a little more?

Have you always wanted to be a photographer? Were you a creative child?
I actually started off doing film at the age of 8 years with my parents’ first video camera, while my mother sew the outfits. I created small movies starring my friends as actors. It took until the age of 15 that I fell in love with still photography.

What motivates and inspires you every day?
The magic in the creative process. The flow. Colors, shapes, poetry, moments. The kind of beauty which cannot be described with words.

What do you like most about working with children?
Working with children always brings you to the now, the adventure. We together enter a magic world. “Look into the camera and you will see a bird flying out.”

In three words, how do you define your photography style?
A poetic childhood tribute in love with nature, how many words was that?

How did you know our brand?
I met you on playtime some years ago now, and totally fell in love with your clothes

Do you feel identified with the philosophy of The New Society?
Totally, its poetic, raw and highly aesthetic

We have managed this shooting remotely. How do you usually work with brands?
Normally I travel all over the world for many for my jobs working directly with the client. But lately, mostly due to corona, I started with remote shoots and it works very well and smooth. Maybe it will be a future option as well for many jobs I used to travel for.

You have been a mother recently, how has motherhood changed your lifestyle?
It brought me back to the now, it’s a wonderful chaos filled with so much love. And it gave me a new understanding of time – how little you have of it and how fast it goes…

Do you have new projects for the future?
I have many exciting projects coming up this autumn and I am preparing an exhibition coming up next spring.