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Here’s our new ‘woman we love’ magazine for Sundays. Find out more about Rebecca Lindon and her two wildlings, as she likes to call her son and daughter, her inspiration, new projects and lifestyle.
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¿Where are you from? ¿Why did you move to Mallorca?

“We are originally from England and moved here to Mallorca from the wild coast of north Norfolk. We’ve been living in Mallorca now for a year and a half in a small village in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range

We were searching for a different way of life and we happily found it here… a slower pace, surrounded by nature, less stressful.”  

  Tell us something about your two wildlings and how you deal with motherhood:

“My children Zeus and Eve have learned the language at amazing speed (not the case for me) and are thriving in our little community. There are constant festivities in the village and reasons to celebrate which we love and of course, the weather is a beautiful bonus!”

What do you like about our brand?

“There’s so much to love! Hand-made crochet, beautiful prints, natural fabrics - this season’s Hibiscus Print is gorgeous and so great for my son who likes clothing that’s a little different from the same-old plain colours we usually see for boys.”

   What inspires you? Where do you find the inspiration to take your photographs?

“I’m inspired by children’s fashion that is playful and bright but equally I love soft, flowing and feminine styles for myself. I dress for my mood and my wardrobe is full of colour and texture   

As a fashion photographer, I’m inspired by the natural world and natural light. For that reason, I primarily shoot film and always shoot on location - usually around the ocean and the mountains. Whilst I show our family life on Instagram, the core of my photography work is with women. You can see more of that at @rebeccalindon or


I have seen that you have recently launched a skin care brand, do you want to share your project with us? It has similarities with our brand in terms of sustainability. Why did you decide to start this project? 

“My most recent project was launched last year after I moved to Mallorca and met a woman who was making plant-based skin care products in Mallorca. Her production base is set in the mountains in the south of Mallorca and many of the ingredients we use in Sirene Skin Care are plants wild-harvested in the land around it

I have a very strong connection with nature and would love to encourage women to re-discover this innate understanding we have of how to heal and take care of our bodies using the bounty that Mother Nature provides. It’s time to move away from chemicals and carcinogens and come back to our planet. We need to take care of her as she provides for us. Sirene Skin Care is designed to work holistically - targeting the skin and also our internal world”

Find out more about Rebecca and her skin care brand at and follow her on social media @wildlingpride