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This is a humanitarian, social and solidarity issue

In light of the events we are witnessing with the Ukranian humanitarian crisis, we can all agree that there are atrocious violations of human rights happening – these being performed in forms of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity (CAH). The current numbers of people internally displaced and in need of humanitarian aid will continue growing, and will end up amounting to an outrageous total number of people affected.

At the same time, we see how there is still hope at a societal level, thanks to different peaceful claims against this barbaric humanitarian crisis, such as public demonstrations and awareness on social media among many other ways.

Our TNS community is deeply concerned with the intensification of this protracted social conflict that has been undergoing for eight years now. For that reason, TNS wants to jump in and help in accordance with our community values. Although this situation does not depend on any of us, we have been thinking in different ways in which we can help

TNS came up with the following initiatives to be involved with:

First of all, we call for a fight against disinformation. Please, remain informed about what is happening and cultivate your knowledge while being objective. Do not trust everything you see that is being spread in social media, and if possible, consult official sources.

Secondly, we've started to donate 10% of our profits to these two associations United Help Ukraine and Voice of Children in order to support the cause and do our bit. 

Another way to help is to donate money. After careful consideration of several organizations, TNS thinks that the following ones will be able to create a direct positive impact for everyone experiencing this heartbreaking crisis. United Help Ukraine and Voice of Children

Last but not least, TNS is aware that there are a lot of community initiatives happening in various cities with the aim of gathering food and clothes for those who were forced to leave their homes and loved ones. For that reason, we would like to call for active participation in this diverse collections. That's why you can help these people also with your purchase. Check out all our catalog and feel free to contribute to this cause. 

 Article written by Alexandra Miralles Colás, International Relations Student