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Maja is wearing Victoria Dress & Noel Knit Jumper
Alfred is wearing Paul Knit Jumper
Ellie is wearing Victoria Dress, Noel Knit Jumper & Sock off white

“This collection has been created to be a reflection on how the world and society are changing, a claim to stop and think, to focus on the truly important things, to investigate other ways of doing, to use your hands and return to traditions, to understand what are we doing wrong, to try to repair all the mistakes we have made and create a better world for future generations.”

This was the short text TNS used to explain more about their new AW collection for this year. Somehow it touched me. I guess everyone has been struggleing one way or another this year. Weather you lost a job, someone dear to you, maybe you had to cancel a vacation, a wedding or something else you had been looking forward to for a long time. Maybe you couldn’t see or be with some of your loved ones. Maybe you were scared, angry or loosing hope? Maybe your business has been suffering, your dreams have been shattered? Well, I’ve gone through all these emotions.

But in all of this, my kids and I have found something that makes us forget, that brightens our days and gives us time. Time to be. Time together. We have rediscovered Nature together and Nature has given us so much good that we would never have had or discovered without any of this. And I just love how this new found connection to nature stands out like a bright light in these dark times. It’s given us strengt, hope, laughter and love and that is what really matters now.