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There is no better time than this month to reconnect not only with your family and loved ones, but also the best time to reconnect with certain feelings.

Don’t you like that kind of feeling of taking a hot chocolate in winter, reading a book by the window, setting the house with scented candles or cooking Christmas dinner together with your family? These are the kind of things that make life make sense, that make us happy and appreciate these small pleasures in life. 

For this campaign we have counted on Jennifer Zimmerman, a woman who unveils her little world and invites us to savour the most hidden happiness. We could attribute to Jennifer the concept of "Hygge", a Danish expression that refers to the essence of life. 


What would you highlight most about yourself and your concept of life?  

I love to reinvent myself over and over again. To strike new paths and to be maximally creative. Creativity is my key to my satisfaction and happiness.


Where does Home of Blossom come from? 

Home of blossom came about through the process of finding what makes my blog tick. On the one hand it describes my love for flowers and the small beautiful things that surround us. On the other hand, it defines the place that opened the door for me to realize myself creatively. And that is my family.


Your source of inspiration? 

Today we have the opportunity to be inspired from all over the world. I love the beauty of Scandinavian life and at the same time the warmth of the Mediterranean flair. My style is influenced by childhood stories of Bullerbü e.g. and the places that have captivated me permanently. My sources of inspiration in social media are readily diversified. From English interior, to the beautiful dancing globetrotters whose imagery captivates me.


For this campaign, what was the location chosen for the shooting and why that particular place 

Part 1 was created in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps and in the place that we may very soon call our new home. I feel grounded and content in this place. And this inner peace surely will also pass on to your children. I love to capture such moments. Part 2 was taken in the middle of Germany on a vineyard that my husband's family has traditionally visited for many years for the grape harvest. And we now continue this tradition. A place of familiarity. And that's what I wanted to reflect in my pictures...

From what we've gathered from your blog, you're a romantic about life and you're passionate about capturing those moments through your camera. Tell us a bit about the relationship between your professional life and your personal life. 

My sense of aesthetics was already very strong in my childhood. It was always clear to me and my environment that I needed a creative job. I love to capture beautiful moments with the camera, but also to put them in the foreground. We are surrounded daily by negative news and an outraged society. Instead of focusing on and holding on to what makes us happy. I have, as a mother and a woman, the same issues and challenges , as any other. And of course my content is filtered from things that could make my family and me vulnerable. Because I don't reveal everything. I enjoy creating something in style and for me, conveying emotion through imagery will always be what brings me the most joy.


10 things that really make you happy 

My family, the nature, the first coffee of the day, travelling new places, to be creative in any way, to be host, to philosophize with my husband about our lives and laugh at ourselves, new pillowcases, a beautifully set table and endless breakfasts on the weekends, flowers in the house

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