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This month, we want to introduce you to the team behind The New Society. We want to share with you who they are and what this brand means to them, as well as their favourite garments and looks from our latest collection, ODE TO AN ENDLESS SUMMER.

We start by introducing Laura, one of the creative and imaginative minds behind the design department.

As a fashion model that stands out for its commitment to sustainability and creativity, what does The New Society mean to you?

- The New Society is another way of looking at fashion. This brand was born with the idea of creating a new society. More responsible with the environment, and with the consumption of clothes for future generations. There is a lot of ambition here to find new ways to make our collections more sustainable. And being part of that is very rewarding for me.

It's interesting to know more about your daily routine at The New Society offices, could you tell us more about what your day-to-day life is like and what elements are essential to achieve concentration and creativity in your workspace?

- The first thing I do when I arrive is to take my diary and make a list of all the tasks I have to do during the week or that day. I like to have it written down so I can visualise it and manage my time better. Besides that, I do more technical work, I'm in meetings.... (it's not just drawing hahaha) You also have to learn to observe, it's important to look for what's going on out there. In magazines, in social networks, even in the street. Keep your mind and eyes open.


What does the new Ode to and Endless Summer collection mean to you, and what feelings does it give you?

- All The New Society collections have one thing in common and that is that they are inspired by conceptual elements. Memories, sensations, journeys... ODE TO AN ENDLESS SUMMER is born from the feeling of going back to those summers you have lived and that all those unforgettable moments are infinite. It has a touch of nostalgia and romanticism that I love and that can be seen in the garments of the collection. 

 Finally, we'd love to know which is your favourite print and look from this collection.

- I couldn't decide hahaha. 

One thing I like about The New Society's aesthetic is the duality of romantic garments with more casual garments. whether it's the patterns, the colours or the prints, in the end they complement each other very well in a look. I personally like clothes that are comfortable and versatile. depending on the clothes you combine them with, you can wear them for a more elegant moment or something more relaxed. Sienna Pant seems to me a clear example, you can wear it with a flat shoe and a t-shirt for an everyday day, but for something special I can wear a blazer with heels and it changes the look completely.


This has been a brief introduction about one of our members of The New Society, if you want to know more about us, don't miss our Magazine every Sunday!