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Estefania Grandio, Creative Director of The New Society, proposed the idea of conducting a shooting in Korea. The objective was to showcase looks from the FW23 women's collection in a special location there. Korea is one of the main markets for the brand, and she wanted to do this as a special thank you to our customers. To do this shooting, there was a perfect person: Mikyong Yeom. Estefania shares a close relationship with her, and together they arranged everything to make this magic session in Seoul.
For us, the outcome has been incredible. Keep reading to see more...


Mikyong Yeom, was in charge of carrying out this beautiful photoshoot in Seoul. She is designer, worked 10 years in major brands in Korea, such as Anne Klein, Sienne, Bosung, Daeha, and Guten Tag.Botticelli, before she moved to Berlin in 2002. Now she has been living in Europe for over 20 years and has worked as a Designer and Creative Director for various renowned companies such as AKRIS, HUGO BOSS and Red Bull. As a fashion designer, she has always felt deep love and respect towards clothes, which now she can fully express through her brand THE YEOM.



  The locations in Seoul have captivated us. The small Christmas details, the modern Seoul, and the subtle nuances of traditional Seoul. If you'd like to see more about this shooting, click here and discover more looks: GIFT GUIDE Seoul

Thank you so much to Miky for this very special shooting. You can follow her work as a Fashion Nomad on her Instagram: yeom_mi_kyond 

Thank you also to the fantastic photography model  





Creative director: Estefanía Grandio

Directed by: Mikyong Yeom

Location: Seoul, December 2023