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Today, Ana Presents CAYUMAS, a Spanish brand that focuses on beauty and care from north to south. Immersing herself in culture and craftsmanship, seeking to obtain the greatest satisfaction and comfort from her garments.


Ana, when did you start in the world of fashion and what motivated you and Borja to launch the Cayumas project? A project with a strong message that you transmit both to your consumers and to your children.

- Borja and I have been always very into the Art and Craftsman world, basically through the photography. That led us three years ago to and old idea of launching a brand of international artisan products. Our first move was to go to Venice, as trips there through the years made us to be in love the Venetians slippers or Friulans. We contacted one of the three remaining artisans and decided to try. But then came the confinement, March 2020, and we have to wait until July 2020 to sell our first pair. Now we sell on line worldwide, multiple retail shops from New Zaeland to Canada, Denmark or Spain, between other countries, sell Cayumas. Moreover, three months ago we open our first little beauty shop in Madrid, yes, we started all this at home, with thousands pairs filling every space, and now we are very happy to have a home again!!!

Regarding the message we try to transmit, the idea is to think about the old jobs that are about to disappear and the importance of kipping them alive for the future generations. Mass production is everywhere. Cayumas Philosophy is the opposite: Slow fashion and sustainable materials.


 We know that Cavumas, is a sustainable project that seeks to take care of both the garments and the people who wear them. What was the reason that led you to orientate the brand towards sustainability?
What value and meaning would you give or would you like to attribute to your pieces and brand?

- Very much like the previous question, the message is strong: less is more. Pretty little things making your life happier, are affordable and we do our best to make the more sustainable the better. That is also in the heart of the new products we are introducing every season. Natural libres, hats and cashmere for instance.

Being a mother and starting a business from scratch can be a challenge, but you are one of those women who has managed to combine both.

Can you tell us a bit about how you and Borja presented the Cayumas project to your family?

How did you explain the idea of having a business while caring for and educating your children?

- Haha good question. Look, wasn't difficult at all, you have to know that Cayumas is CAXetano, and UMAtwo of our children... so being a large and proactive family everybody loved the idea and tried to help from
the beginning: Fernanda, the oldest, helps in the shop when comes to Madrid from Edinburgh where she studies. Alejandro, the second, is a truly artist, studying in UAL Saint Martins and is designing a new collection for Cayumas. Cayetano, the third and still at school, is developing a new product that will be launched next autumn, and the two youngers, Tristan and Uma, just eight and seven, are in the shop from time to time doing their best, so the whole family is implicated..


Finally, we know that you are a photographer. When you create creative directions and photoshoots, do you execute them personally or do you prefer to see how someone else conveys your message through the photos?

- Well as I said in the first question photography is in my life as far back as I can remember, so I love taking and making my own creative ideas, but as you can see in the Instagram, for instance, Cayumas has become not just a slippers brand but a life style idea, so I l have to be in the other side of the picture most of the time. But of course my idea of what has to be Cayumas, is transmitted to who ever makes the pictures. Costumers love that. and we also love to helo them to be iust a little more happy You couldn't believe the messages we get from costumers and followers around the world, and even many times when people visit Madrid, the first or the last thing before or after the airport is to come and meet us in person. Truly Sweet.


We would like to congratulate you on the project you have created and thank you for sharing your experience with us.