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In our Magazine today, we have the pleasure of getting to know and introducing you to Eri, known on social media as Daily Luna, a Japanese photographer based in England, and her two children, Luna and Leon.

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Eri, Tell us a little bit about yourself.

- I'm a Japanese mother living in northern England. I live with my husband, 9 year old daughter and 3 year old son. We've just bought our first house and full-on renovating at the moment.


How do you remember your childhood?

-Both my parents worked all the time so I spend a lot of time at my grandparent's house in the countryside of Aichi, Japan.

I used to go camping, hiking up the mountain, going seaside...all sorts of fun things with them.

Waiting for my grandad come home from fishing so we can make tempura together, whilst watching my grandma make kimono (she was a kimono tailor) was my favourite memory of my childhood. 

We know you enjoy photography. How did your passion for photography begin? Would you consider it a lifestyle and hobby or a profession?

- I started taking photos of my children when my daughter was a baby. I simply find it amazing to be able to see a human grow and just wanted to capture every little moment as they change and learn new skills every day.

It's definitely a hobby rather than a profession. I do jobs here and there for brands, but capturing raw everyday moments is my favorite thing.


What is important to you when taking photos?

- Light and patience!

We greatly value sustainability and environmental care, so we are interested in knowing what aspects you look for when collaborating with different brands. We would love to know what your initial impressions were when considering a collaboration with us.

- I like creating a capsule wardrobe and keeping our clothing minimal, so when it comes to collaboration, I look for brands with natural garments (linen, cotton, etc.) and the quality of clothing is very important.

We already owned a few pieces of The New Society clothing and we have been impressed with the quality so it was a natural thing for me to accept the collaboration :)