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On February 16th, the launch of the new Spring-Summer 2024 collection took place on our new website.
The year 2024 started from scratch with a lot of energy and positivity. During the months of January and February, and up until the day of the launch, we worked with enthusiasm to present the first release of "Los Feliz," a very special collection for the creative director, Estefanía Grandio, who expressed with excitement: "My dream collection in one of my favorite places, Los Angeles, where I spent a few days of vintage inspiration and time with friends in March 2022, and where I conceptualized this collection."

Estefanía traveled again in May 2023 to Los Angeles to bring that collection to life. "I was accompanied by a wonderful team that has given me so much. It was an incredible journey." We invite you to discover more about this collection and The New Society. Keep reading...  
The launch of Drop 1 was a success. Thanks to everyone who joined us that day and filled us with good vibes. The feedback from our customers was fantastic; we managed to make them experience a day in Los Angeles through these garments that evoke the Californian dream.
Many orders were placed, trusting our new website, and some products sold out within the first few hours – it was incredible!
Thanks to all of them for being with us and supporting us always, especially during the launch of this Drop.



Through our social media and newsletter, we invite you to discover and enjoy together each place that has been a source of inspiration for us.
Malibu, where our team spent a day immersed in the coastal charm in March, or Los Angeles, where you can stroll through the sunny streets of Los Feliz until the sun sets over the Pacific.
To complement the vibrant energy of our collection, we would love for you to discover the "Los Feliz" music playlist.
Let our SS24 Collection take you there. 


Do you want to see more of this collection? You must stay tuned because on February 20th, we will be releasing Drop 2 of the kids and baby collection, along with the complete women's SS24 collection. We are thrilled about the upcoming launch and hope you like it as much as we do.
We want to express our gratitude to the entire team that has been present during the creation and development of this collection and continues to be a fundamental part of this project.
We will be back soon with more updates...



Creative director: Estefanía Grandío
Art Direction & Styling: Marianne Krauss
Photo: Pepe Lopez
Photo Assistant: Edy Perez
Video: Jota Lucas
Set Desing: Adriano Escribano
Muah: Cristina Detroit
Production: Mademoiselle Production & Luke O'Sullivan
Equipment: Dust Studios LA
Model: Crosby Lys
Graphic Designer: Noelia Calzada
Location: California, 2023.