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Under the concept of Society in which our brand is based, we have launched this collaboration with the artist Lou Dervieux who has been inspired by our star print, one of our best sellers. In this interview you can learn more about the artist and what has led her to create pieces inspired by The New Society FW22 collection.

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 Tell us, for those who don't know you, what your work as an artist consists of and the moment in which you find yourself at the moment. 

My name is Lou Dervieux, I'm a designer and my main material is porcelain of Limoges. In my work, I exacerbate the contrast between content and container, between the banalized form of a detergent bottle and fine ceramic. By diverting the packaging of plastic bottles selected in the supermarket, I try to question our relationship with everyday objects and their capacities to become design.

How did you get started in this? Have you had any reference or source of inspiration that has led you to create the pieces you create? 

I started working with ceramics while still in school. I learned about porcelain and plaster mold at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris. I was fascinated by the endless possibilities that a plaster cast can offer. Even though I like to model ceramic, I found a form of perfection in working with a plaster cast. The first vase I ever made was the "milk carton" (which isn't actually milk but a juice box aha!), I just fell in love with the shape and found humor in confronting a very cheap container with such a luxurious material that is Limoges porcelain. What is your creative process, do you look for references to use in your prints or do you let your creativity flow in the moment? 

Using a plaster cast gives me the freedom of using a lot of hasard in my work, mostly in my marble patterns where I play with the colored porcelain flow and let it draw the design itself. But I have an illustration master and I enjoy drawing and painting on my vases as well. For example, the "pool print", that you can find on my plate or on my packaging collection, is inspired by the swimming competition I used to practise for 13 years. It's very important for me to incomparate my journey in my current creation.  

What is it that led you to make this collaboration with The New Society?

I was very flattered to be contacted by Estefania the creator of The New Society to be a part of their winter/latest launch. I was immediately drawn to the Marina print, which reminded me of a pattern I made in the past. I wanted to celebrate that partnership by creating a porcelain vase to echo with this pattern. I tried to replicate the color palette of this collection into multiple colored stars which were then added one by one to the plaster cast to create this collection.

What do you see in the future of Loudervieux? Would you like to create a physical store perhaps, or do some collaboration with another artist…?

Ultimately, I would love to have my own brand and be able to focus more on developing new products and less on production; But for now, I find a lot of pleasure in making everything by myself in my parisian workshop. As for collaborations, I am really open to them, it's a very fun exercise to invent a bridge between two different worlds of creation and art! ♥️