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With no ties, the house on one’s shoulders and your foot on the brake pause along the way to wake up with the . This way of understanding travel takes on special importance in our protagonist: Kristel Kok, passionate about nature, freedom and her family, reveals where this philosophy of life comes from.

Read on to find out more about her!

Ziggy was born in March 2020 and then this blossom was blooming beautifully, In this photo Ziggy is exactly 1 year old. This blossom will forever remind me of the birth of Ziggy in which the world was locked due to the corona pandemic.


As far as we know, you are a psychomotor therapist. Tell us about your experience and relationship with this profession. 

I am the youngest in a family of 8. My parents are still together. My eldest brother and my youngest sister have a disability, which means that I attach great importance to equality. My parents also have foster children at home and there is always room for everyone. These experiences have sparked curiosity about social-emotional development and how a contribution can be made to reduce the burden on young people. From an early age I did a lot of sports, for 14 years I was on trampolining. When I went to college I was looking for a combination of sport and psychology and that's how I came to psychomotor therapy. Psychomotor therapy is a form of therapy for people with mental problems. Sport is used as a means and the goal is to reduce or eliminate these complaints. I see many young people who suffer from emotion regulation problems, I help them regulate their emotions and develop more self-confidence.


Also, your Instagram photos show a kind of therapy, a very peaceful way of life. Does freedom in this sense mean something special to you? 

My Instagram name 'kriskrasser' is a Dutch name 'cris-cross' which my friend has as a nickname for me. This is because I am often busy with many things at the same time. I often need a less rushed life in which I am more mindful. I learned to surf during my world trip and a lot of frustrations arose here. In this I made the link to everyday life. Sometimes waves are too high, sometimes waves are too low, both of which prevent you from surfing. The balance on the surfboard represents the balance in life for me. If I provide enough relaxation and effort, my life is most peaceful, but I have to be aware of this and this does not happen by itself ‘you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’ 

Where does your most powerful inspiration come from? 

The ocean. I want to swim in it, snorkel, dive, surf the waves, walk along and stare at it. It makes my worries disappear, creating space for inspiration. It is for me the place where I am happiest, where I feel that I am alive and where I see what is really important. It's the place where I can recharge. The ocean ensures that everyone is connected to each other. “With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.”


Biophilia is the connection that human beings have with nature. From your Instagram account, we have also been able to deduce that you are one of them, is that so? 

When I am in nature, I feel that I am alive. The freedom in the infinite makes me feel powerful. But the power of nature sometimes makes me insecure, I am aware of that, but I also try to put it aside. I feel a connection with nature, the sea and the universe. I can keep looking at it without thinking anything.



From an outside perspective, your lifestyle radiates purity in its deepest meaning, a sense of tranquillity invades those looking at your feed. Would you say it’s a straight mirror to your life? 

It feels very vulnerable to show my pure self on Instagram because I find it difficult that people will think something about this. I find this easier to do in real-life with people close to me such as family and friends. On Instagram I only show a small part of the mirror, this is a part that is viewed with a magnifying glass. I am someone who is positive and always thinks in possibilities and solutions, so I believe that when you look at the positive, it becomes a bigger part in your life.


For those less familiar with this lifestyle, complete liberty could overlap with the fear of the unknown, is there a recipe to reach security within freedom? 

I am someone who likes control in everyday life. Freedom for me is allowing myself to let go of control. In this it helps me to gain safety from the stories of people who are familiar with the environment in which I operate. During my travels I have written a lot about my experiences and I value tangible memories, my diary gave me safety because in this way I could reflect on all my experiences and give it a place in this way. What does freedom mean to you? What gives you safety in your comfort zone? Could you take this security to freedom? Outside of your comfort zone, that's where growth and development take place. If you want something and you believe you can do it, that's the recipe for stepping out of your comfort zone. Trust yourself.

In the middle of nature, a house made of wood that has to be warmed by a fireplace and where civilization was at a distance. The moon that could be seen somewhere else every night and this also gave me a sign of safety because my family and friends in the Netherlands were looking at the same moon. When I got pregnant we decided to go back to the Netherlands to live with our family because we know how important family is in life.


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