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They say autumn is the most romantic season in Netherlands. No other season is as distinctive as autumn.
We love being able to share Anna's photos of autumn in Netherlands.
She is mom, photographer, interior designer, and she shares all these passions on her Instagram profile. Stick around to get to know her and discover her project, Studio Olijf.

  Anna, first off all, let's talk about your creative studio, Olijf Studio in Den Bosch. We know that it is an interior design and photography studio, offering a remarkably personalized experience. How did it all begin?

My husband and I met 11 years ago at the art academy. We both studied photography and he was almost graduating and I was in my second year. He decided to do a master which was an extra two years so we both completed our academy time together. After we graduated, we started working together on photography assignments. We click as a team because we work well together but also both have different strengths so we complete each other quite nicely. This is how we can offer such a broad range in photography and design. We choose which client fits who the best and if it’s needed, we work together on a project and it’s really nice to spend so much time together.
What's the first thing you notice when you see a space? Is there any element you consider essential for creating a space with "good vibes"?

Every space needs a different approach. I love so many styles but I react on the style of the space to form the styling of the interior. For example, we now have a wabi sabi, mid century style at home but our precious home was completely different. It had a 4 meter ceiling, stained glass and sliding doors. It was a more romantic space with a classic touch so it needed a whole different interior to match it. I love how spaces inspire the interiors.


   Do you enjoy upcycling furniture to give them a second life and create sustainable spaces? Or do you prefer creating something entirely new, focusing more on your creative work?

 I love the mix of vintage and new. I am more of an timeless design lover rather than fast fashion. I have always tried to look for the beautiful design pieces that won’t go out of style and combine it with some styling pieces that I can change whenever I feel the need to mix it up. 





Do you think there's a relationship between fashion trends and interior design trends?

Definitely, you can always see the relation between the two. I also love seeing that more people are choosing for capsule wardrobe and timeless items. For example, we, as you know haha, love The New Society. It’s so versatile, you can combine and mix every piece and it’s gives a complete new look and has so many timeless pieces which I know I will love for years to come.                               

I have so many photography locations that I love, but it all comes back to the lighting. When the sun hits a spot just right, every place can be magical. And of course the photos in our home because every time I photograph there, I know it will be such a previous memory for later.  know you're passionate about photography, and you convey it exceptionally well through your Instagram. Is there a secret magical place for you where you've captured some of your favorite photographs?
We also know that another one of your passions is fashion. Do you dedicate a lot of time to creating the looks you showcase on your social media? Do you enjoy selecting and defining the brands you collaborate with? Which values in our industry do you resonate with the most?


As mentioned earlier, I want to be sure that I will love it for many years. So I select based on that and of course the philosophy and overall style of the brand too. And I’m so thankful to be able to work with these amazing brands and create together. 



Do you like autumn? To you, what clothing items are essential for this season? And what elements do you consider indispensable for a home during autumn?

Autumn is my favorite season. I love all seasons but I am definitely an autumn color person. The colors are fused in my entire wardrobe and interior. Just some extra touches of flowers, (scented) candles and homemade orange, star anise and cinnamon tea, cozy blankets and the magical autumn sunlight will do the rest.
  Anna, thank you for your collaboration. We ask you never to leave your camera behind; your photos must be shared with the world. You have such a lovely child, and we know he is your favorite model :)
A final question: among all the work you do, social media, photography, interior decoration... which would you say is your favorite?
Ahh that is a difficult one haha. I love the combination of it all! But I would have to say photography since that has been such an important part for me my entire life. 
And thank you so so much. For the kind words and of course the chance to work together.
Thank you very much for sharing a bit about yourself your work and your values.
Discover his profile @ap.notte