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What inspires you in your work? Who are your references?
As creative work, many things inspire me, from feelings, smells, art pieces, cinema, photography… Each project approaches me in different ways to inspire me.

What is it that you like the most when you work with children?
The contact with my own children, freshness and naturalness they provide us.

Your work allows you to travel a lot, how are you living this covid time?

Trying not to be collapsed by fear, and thinking positive.

Your experience working for this TNS Editorial

Amazing because the brand let us express ourselves and our vision, and working in this way it’s always great for creative people. The final result is a perfect match between what we are.

Let’s play!

Describe yourself in one sentence, quickly!
spontaneous, natural, sensitive and direct

First word that comes to mind!

What do you want the most right now?!

Your favorite movie?!
mmmm difficult question… I can´t answer this

A song that you like to dance to!
Maniac Flashdance! and much more haha

Your work requires a continuous search for inspiration, how do you always keep up to date?

In every little thing around me, trying to be open with all my senses.

how would you describe your style?

Its was a thing tooks my time, because I have many ideas and references, but observing after these years, and listening to the people around me I realized that I have a particular devotion for colors, and retro style, and sometimes romantic

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