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Having something, watching it grow, and transmitting those values to everything around you is something that Ana Kubel, a blogger for Elle Deco and a mother of two girls, knows how to do very well. Because, as the French sculptor Auguste Rodin once said, "Art is the pleasure of a spirit that penetrates nature and discovers that it also has a soul."

And this is indeed what Ana conveys to all of us through her photos because, in addition, she is also very skilled in photography, which is another of her pursuits.

Keep reading to get to know Anna Kubel.

Do you believe in horticultural therapy? How did you become familiar with this world? 

- I love spending time in the garden; it's like a form of meditation for me. Here, I can disconnect from everything else and enter my own little world. Planting tiny seeds in the spring, watching them grow throughout the year, and eventually bloom into lush gardens in the summer is an unbeatable feeling. Gardening has become my way to unwind, and I believe everyone would benefit from spending time cultivating, even on a very small scale.

 From what we know, you have your own flower field that you tend to daily. Is this something you inherited from your ancestors? Please tell us more about it.

-In my family, we have always cultivated. I grew up in the countryside with a mom and dad who have always cultivated both flowers and vegetables. Even my grandmother did a lot of gardening when I was little, and I always got to be involved in some way. I think that's why gardening has come so naturally to me. I remember so well when I was little, and we got to pick tomatoes in my grandmother's small greenhouse. It's nice to look back on!

What is the relationship between the world of gardening and your little ones? What values do you transmit to them?

-My children, just like me, are growing up in a world of gardening. I happily involve them in cultivating and harvesting vegetables. Seeing the joy in their eyes when they harvest their first carrots or sunflowers that they've grown themselves is so beautiful. I hope to instill in them the love of gardening and the joy of experiencing something as simple as watching a seed sprout and then enjoying the vegetables or picking their own flowers to place on the table.

Speaking of another of your talents, how did you discover the world of photography?

-I've been taking photographs ever since I graduated from school; for me, it's a way to express my creativity, and today, I've been working as a photographer for many years. Capturing moments and a feeling is indescribable. I can wait for hours for perfect lighting, and the feeling when a photograph truly comes together and turns out exactly as I envisioned it is unbeatable.

 Where does your interest in fashion and styling come from?

-I I often fall in love with materials or color combinations. Fashion, just like interior design, has become a significant part of my job and is another way for me to express myself creatively.


Thank you very much for sharing a bit about yourself and your family in this incredible interview.

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* The photos displayed here belong to Anna Kubel