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What The New Society has shown throughout these wonderful years has been that it always remains faithful to what it believes in, to the concept it wants to build with each collection because each design, each sketch or pattern is gradually configured until it becomes something alive, something that gives meaning to an entire season.

Besides, the magic of the creation process are those initial moments or half of the collection when something arises, when something can shake the sense that you want to give to the collection, when new ideas or doubts arise, but it’s there, at that special moment when each part is fed back to the other and everything is magic, is destiny and inspiration not only from which comes the collection, but also everything we want to influence and inspire other people, in their way of understanding fashion, to express themselves as an elegant, delicate and very trendy woman or even to share the same values of sustainability and taste for a more exclusive fashion and with the desire to make the clothes timeless and last in a closet for a long time.

Last Sunday, Estefanía Grandío, founder and designer of the brand and I, Irina Alecha, Head of E-commerce had an express trip but full of new faces, new approaches to a new inspiration for the coming winter, even new ideas…all of this from one of the favorite cities of the brand: Paris.

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The goal of this trip was to present the FW22 'It's Written in The Stars' collection to the French press and Parisian influencers, all of them eager to meet Estefanía Grandío in person and that she could tell them first hand what's behind each of her collections, as well as present them part of the next spring-summer collection.

All this was thanks to our agency Catherine Miran, which helps us to give even more voice to our story, to develop successful marketing techniques as well as to reinforce brand positioning and solid relationships with people in the exciting world of fashion. 

So, our first stop and event took place at Café Campagnon, a restaurant with one of the city's greatest charms, located in the 2nd District of Paris, a 10-minute walk from the Louvre Museum and almost on the banks of the Seine. Surrounded by large and tall houses in the Haussmann style with its unmistakable neoclassical sign. A new corner with organic products, chosen with care and elaborated on site. Its philosophy: craftsmanship as a guarantee of quality.


The restaurant was decorated by the interior designer Gesa Hansen and with the contribution of Sofia Moser Leitao, a French ceramist and influencer who would join us later for tea time. The colors, the materials of the establishment were very well in line with our color palette chosen for this collection: Olive, petal and sand. Harmony was the best manifesto of the moment.

We had the opportunity to share lunch with press guests such as Chloe Para, Fashion Director of Biba, Christine Alerce, Fashion Stylist Consulting of, Emeline Piot, Fashion Director of Modzik and Carole Matray, Deputy Fashion Director of Madame Figaro. A relaxed moment in which we were able to present other details of the collection and the designs they already knew, as well as laugh and enjoy their company. 

At 4:00pm we had our Tea-Time with the influencers invited for the occasion. We counted on the presence of Vikile Lefevre, Naoma Greene, Sofia Moser Leitao, Lou Dervieux, Fanny, Nina Andrea and Naëla Jetamour. Some of them already came dressed in The New Society garments and there was even the intention to create new collaborations and new fresh ideas. 


And as good traditions should never be lost, Estefania and I had dinner at Les Enfants Perdus collecting and sharing everything we had been able to get out of that intense and rewarding day. 

The next day and last day of our stay in Paris was dedicated to shopping, to see the most retro and vintage of Estefania's favorite stores. It turned out to be completely satisfactory because we found certain things that we are sure that you will like very much in the next collections, collections in which we are already working tenaciously to offer you the best quality, the most exclusive design, perhaps something groundbreaking but always with the same essence of The New Society.


In short, an expres trip but enough to know, taste the French flavor, surprised once again with new art galleries, observe again the almost innate style of fashion that we like so much of the Parisians and bring back to Madrid a list of ideas to move forward, growing and with the same enthusiasm as always.